• Climate Justice Initiative
    Basel 2030

    In 2019 the Grand Council of Basel-Stadt (Grosser Rat = legislature) proclaimed a climate emergency, however, since then there has been a lack of tangible action on this issue. With our Climate Justice Initiative “Basel 2030”, we call for appropriate action in the face of the impending climate catastrophe caused by global heating. Therefore, the goal to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030 and climate justice should be part of our local constitution.


    Our goal is to use the direct democratic tool of the popular initiative to change the constitution of the Canton of Basel-Stadt to include the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 in all sectors and institutions. We believe that the transition towards sustainable future can only be achieved by following the principles of Climate Justice.

  • Does this initiative concern me?

    because the climate crisis is real and it’s visibly accelerating. If we fail to act now this will lead to dramatic consequences for all of us.

    Oftentimes the goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Why then aim for 2030? Is that a realistic goal?

    because achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is much too late to limit the global average temperature rise at 1.5 °C as stated in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. If we now act rigorously net zero emissions by 2030 is a realistic goal for our innovative city canton.


    This initiative aims to change a lot. Is that in my interest?


    because an unstopped climate catastrophe would also severely affect your life and especially the lives of countless people in other parts of the world and future generations. As long as we still have the opportunity to change things, we should seize this opportunity.

  • Climate Justice Basel

    Seven strong arguments for climate justice in Basel with net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

    Walk the Talk

    Despite the Basel legislature declaring a climate emergency, there has been a lack of concrete action. With our Climate Justice Initiative, we call for meaningful, effective and socially responsible climate action. To act on these demands is urgent – on the local and on the global level!

    We are Paris

    According to the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, Switzerland is obligated to do its part to keep the average global temperature increase well below 1.5 °C. The reduction goals that have been set or planned, however, are nowhere near what scientists tell us is necessary. Stronger emission reduction goals are urgently needed.

    Speed it up

    If we continue our current trajectory, we will have used up our allotted carbon budget by the end of this decade. At that time, we will have to abruptly stop all emissions. Thus, we need to greatly accelerate our actions today!

    Basel leads the way

    Cities cause a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, but they also have the means to reduce these emissions quickly and effectively. We view Basel as part of a national and global movement of cities that lead the way and show what is possible. With this initiative Basel could join the track to carbon neutrality together with like-minded cities such as Adelaide, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

    In solidarity with the world

    The climate crisis is hitting us hard, but people in the Global South (Africa, Asia, and Latin America) are being hit even harder. Basel is an innovative, prosperous, and globally connected city and as such has the moral obligation to do its share to protect the people worst affected by the climate crisis. Our wealth – which is based in large parts on the decade-long use of fossil fuels – means that we must take responsibility for the situation we have contributed to create.

    A new city

    We imagine Basel to become a new and climate-friendly city. A city plentiful of renewable energy, in which people walk, cycle, or take public transportation to work and where residual individual traffic is achieved with the use of efficient electric vehicles. We want a city that is full of mighty trees to cool our overheated city in summer. And we want a city of encounters: diverse, colorful, and full of life.

    No cakewalk - but worth the effort

    To achieve carbon neutrality in Basel-Stadt will demand a huge effort by all its parts: state, economy, and society. This will require a lot of work, but the experiences made by other cities that have moved in this direction show that it is worth to do so: For the present but even more so for our collective future. Out of solidarity with coming generations to whom we want to leave a livable and just world.

  • Text of the Initiative

    What exactly does it say in the initiative?

    Disclaimer: This is an unofficial tranlsation and only the German version was legally accepted by the cantonal offices.


    The Initiative aims to amend the constitution of the Canton of Basel-Stadt as follows:


    §15 (Guidelines for government action) shall be amended in Section 2 as follows:

    Existing: It the state endeavours to conserve the natural resources and to promote sustainable development in order to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ecological, economic, and social needs of future generations and their ability to define their own way of life.
    Amendment: To the best of its ability, it shall contribute to ensuring that global warming does not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius in comparison to pre-industrial levels.

    new: §16a Climate Justice

    1 In acknowledgement that the climate crisis poses a threat to human beings, ecosystems, economies, and peaceful coexistence, as well as in the sense of an opportunity to promote societal innovation, the state shall take effective measures to protect the climate and prevent the negative impacts of global warming.


    2 Within the limits of their power, government and parliament shall undertake all necessary steps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in all sectors to net zero in the Canton of Basel-Stadt by 2030.


    3 For this purpose, the state shall mark out binding reduction paths for greenhouse gases and act in accordance with the polluter pays principle and comprehensive climate justice.


    4 With regard to the scope of its investments in institutions and business companies, it shall endeavour to ensure that these organisations’ entire activities, including financial and administrative assets, meet the aforementioned objectives.


    5 Furthermore, it shall call on the Federal Government to advocate the necessary framework conditions.


  • We are a grass-roots initiative without big coporate donors and thus depend on your donations to pay for our campaign. With this money we for example pay for website hosting, graphics and printing signature lists and posters.

    Help us make this initiative a success story!

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